1839-02-24, Fielding, Violence (Physical Assault)


1839-02-24, Fielding, Violence (Physical Assault)
Fielding, an enslaved man owned by University of Virginia professor Charles Bonnycastle, was severely beaten by several University of Virginia students, including Franklin English, Madison McAfee, Calvin Jones, Benjamin Johnson, and John H. Harrison. According to the testimonies of several witnesses, all of whom were white, English and McAffee were attempting to disperse a group of free Black people, including two people who were having a fight, and Fielding attempted to prevent them from doing so, using both a stick and a stone (see related event). In retaliation they beat him severely, chasing him to several different locations until Charles Bonnycastle intervened to stop them. The faculty committee decided to leave the matter to the courts and take no action against the students.
Event Type
Violence: Physical assault
Action Status
24 February 1839
Location - Between Wertenbaker's and McKennie's, Charlottesville, VA
March 2, 1839 Minutes of the Faculty of the University of Virginia, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia
Primary Participant
Freedom Status
Additional Participant
Charles Bonnycastle
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